It was back in November last year that Microsoft announced it was going to reduce the amount of free storage it gives all OneDrive users from 15GB to 5GB. Naturally users started criticizing Microsoft for this move so it had to backtrack slightly. The company said it would allow users to keep their 15 gigs of free storage as well as the 15GB camera roll bonus if they opt-in. If you forgot to opt-in better not waste any time because if you haven’t, Microsoft is going to knock down your OneDrive storage to 5GB tomorrow.

The company is removing the unlimited storage tier and will also be knocking down OneDrive users back to 5GB from 15GB by tomorrow. Those who have yet to claim the increased allotment should head on over to the special OneDrive website right now and claim their 15 gigs of free storage.

By opting in they will get 15GB of free online storage powered by OneDrive as well as a 15GB bonus for activating the camera roll feature of the OneDrive app on their mobile device. The combined allotment of 30GB should be enough for most users that aren’t looking to store their entire media libraries in the cloud for free.

You only have a few hours left so make up your mind soon otherwise you won’t be able to do anything about this from tomorrow.

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