There has been some controversy surrounding T-Mobile’s Binge On program, in which YouTube claimed that they were being throttled. T-Mobile responded to those claims, but shortly after a test conducted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) revealed that YouTube’s claims were true.


However it looks like T-Mobile wants to set the record straight once and for all, and to do that the company’s CEO has since published a video refuting said claims. Given John Legere’s outspokenness, he certainly did not mince words in his video or in his blog post in which he fiercely reiterated that Binge On does not throttle videos.

According to Legere’s post, “There are people out there saying we’re “throttling.” They’re playing semantics! Binge On does NOT permanently slow down data nor remove customer control. Here’s the thing, mobile customers don’t always want or need giant heavy data files. So we created adaptive video technology to optimize for mobile screens and stream at a bitrate designed to stretch your data (pssst, Google, that’s a GOOD thing).”

He goes on to point out that anyone can opt out of Binge On anytime they want just by changing their settings in their account, although one of the arguments presented by the EFF is that Binge On should be opt in, and not opt out. Legere also claims that companies like YouTube are complaining just to get in the news, but what do you guys make of the whole thing? Yay or nay to Binge On?

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