tim_cookJust like the rumored electric car, could Apple be keeping mum on its development of virtual reality technology? Some have speculated that Apple could be aggressively pursuing the technology this year, and it looks like there is evidence that this could be true, especially with Apple’s recent hiring of a leading virtual and augmented reality expert.

That being said, many are curious to see if the speculation could be true and during Apple’s earnings call, analyst Gene Munster posed a question to Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, and asked him to share his thoughts on virtual reality in hopes that maybe it could clue us in as to what Apple may or may not be working on.

According to Cook, who responded to the question on whether he thinks virtual reality is considered niche, he claims that virtual reality technology is not a niche field and that it is “really cool”. He also notes that the technology could have some interesting applications, although he did not provide any specifics.

This could be (and probably is) Cook’s honest opinion on the technology and unfortunately it does not really give us any clue as to what Apple might have planned for the technology. But so far there has been overwhelming evidence to suggest that Apple is at the very least exploring the technology, but what exactly becomes of it is an entirely different story.

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