ATM machines hold cash, lots of it, and that’s why they are built to last. You can’t take a crowbar to it or give it a few good kicks to access the stacks of cash inside. Breaking into an ATM machine is hard for precisely that reason but if you’ve got a crane on your hands and some space to drop it from 100 feet in the air, then it becomes the easiest job in the world.

The folks at Crash Zone have made a video and posted it on YouTube to show all of us exactly what happens when you drop an ATM machine from 100 feet using a crane, just in case some of us were curious about this

It does make for an interesting video, and you have to admit, there’s a certain pleasure in watching things being destroyed just for the heck of it. No wonder drop tests of new mobile devices tend to do very well on YouTube.

So the next time you go about stealing an ATM machine, which FYI is a crime that can get you in a lot of trouble, instead of trying various time-consuming ways to break into the machine simply get a crane and drop it from 100 feet. That’s as implausible as most of you going out to steal an ATM machine in the first place.

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