Rat Dies After Breaking Into ATM And Chewing Notes Worth $18,500

ATM machines have tens of thousands of dollars in them which is why the utmost care is taken when manufacturing them to ensure that nobody can get inside the machine easily and steal the money. Perhaps they should have thought about rats as well. A rodent was able to find its way inside an ATM machine in India where it chewed up bank notes worth $18,500 and then died.

Watch What Happens When An ATM Machine Drops From 100 Feet

ATM machines hold cash, lots of it, and that’s why they are built to last. You can’t take a crowbar to it or give it a few good kicks to access the stacks of cash inside. Breaking into an ATM machine is hard for precisely that reason but if you’ve got a crane on your hands and some space to drop it from 100 feet in the air, then it […]

First Bitcoin ATM In Houston Goes Live

It seems that those who happen to live in the city of Houston, Texas, will now be able to check out the city’s very first Bitcoin ATM in the flesh. This Bitcoin ATM happens to “reside” in a city-owned building, where it is located within a convention center to be exact. Thanks to the folks over at Robocoin who are behind this Bitcoin ATM, which is operated by CoinVault, it […]

ATMs In China Circulate Fake Money

China might be known as the world’s supermarket to some, and while their quality control has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, there are still kinks in their manufacturing process that pushes them to the forefront with undesirable news – such as poisonous ingredients used in baby formula and the like. For a fair number of years, if you have always wanted to get bootleg products, China is […]


Bank of America Improves ATM Experience With Teller Assist Video Chat Feature

Sometimes getting away from work to go to the bank to handle some important transactions can be quite challenging for some people, making the weekends the only other time you can conduct your business with your bank. Seeing how everyone seems to go to the bank on the weekends, this could mean you may be waiting at your bank for much longer than you originally anticipated. But Bank of America […]

Fingerprint ATMs Are More Secure Now

Ah, the almighty ATM machine is a firm favorite of mine, as it will hold your surplus of cash, and can be “summoned”, as it were, as and when required. It used to be an ATM card with a magnetic stripe at the back that held your personal information, but technology has since seen the ATM machine and mode of withdrawal seen several positive steps made in the name of […]

Thin ATM skimmers fit into credit card insertion slot

The police force in an unidentified European nation have successfully discovered and retrieved extremely thin ATM skimmers. Just how thin? We are talking about wafer-thin here, being so small that they are more than capable of fitting right into the credit card insertion slot without the user noticing anything out of the ordinary. According to Brian Krebs, “That’s according to two recent reports from the European ATM Security Team (EAST), […]

ATM scans palm as security measure

Before we became so dependent on technology, remembering a password was easy, especially when it is just a 6-digit PIN code. However, times have changed, and with so many passwords and PIN numbers to memorize these days, things can get a wee bit challenging, especially when we are told not to use the same PIN number or password across different accounts and services. Japan has decided to rely on biometric […]

Cupcake ATM dispenses sugary goodness

We are more or less conditioned that ATMs should dispense money, but considering how the world now has vending machines that offer fresh fish as well as eggs, it is not too far fetched to think that an ATM can dispense cupcakes, too. Yes, you heard me right – a bakery known as Sprinkles in Los Angeles decided that deploying cupcakes via an ATM is going to be the next […]

Haptic code entry to replace PIN codes at ATMs?

One of the drawbacks of using the ATM to withdraw money is the lack of security – people can easily watch you enter your PIN code if they stand next to you or to your side. Well, some folks over at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Daejeon have come up with a solution to the problem – with the aid of mobile devices. Instead of making […]

3D printers used to make ATM skimmers

While 3D printers can be used to create all sorts of objects, it would only be a matter of time before criminals started using it for malicious intent. And well, it looks like it has already begun. A sophisticated card skimmer that was believed to be created with a 3D printer was recently discovered and removed from a Chase Bank ATM in West Hills, California. The card skimmer fit perfectly […]

Thermal imaging cameras help steal PIN numbers

According to a team of researchers from the University of California at San Diego, they realized that there is one rather interesting – and unorthodox manner of finding out the PIN number at the ATM, thanks to the use of thermal imaging cameras. Yes sir, these cameras can be used to steal PIN numbers whenever one makes a cash withdrawal from an ATM. How does that happen? Simple – residual […]

Gold-Dispensing ATM Installed At London’s Westfield Shopping Center

If you read the title and you thought that it’s an ATM made out of gold, you would be wrong. It’s actually an ATM that dispenses gold! The ATM was recently installed at Westfield shopping centre in London and it will be the first gold-dispensing ATM in UK, although we’re not sure how often people actually need to make gold withdrawals.

ATM equipped with more brains now

The standard ATM machine isn’t exactly smart – after all, it requires you to input the relevant PIN number and is more of a passive player than an active element. Nice to know that us humans are never happy or satisfied with where we are, hence Sberbank of Russian have come up with a new ATM design that will do away with the need for customers to talk to humans, […]