ATM machines have tens of thousands of dollars in them which is why the utmost care is taken when manufacturing them to ensure that nobody can get inside the machine easily and steal the money. Perhaps they should have thought about rats as well. A rodent was able to find its way inside an ATM machine in India where it chewed up bank notes worth $18,500 and then died.

The ATM in question was out of order for a couple of days and when bank technicians opened it to inspect what had happened, they were surprised to find out that all of the notes inside were shredded. They also found a dead rat inside.

It appears that the rat found its way inside the machine through a small hole that was meant for wires. Once it was inside the machine, it apparently chewed on the bank notes until it couldn’t anymore. The rat died from eating too much money it seems.

It wasn’t a total loss for the bank, though, as the ATM had $42,685 worth of currency inside out of which the technicians were able to recover almost $25,000 intact.

“We have started an investigation into this rare incident and will take measures to prevent a recurrence,” said Chandan Sharma, the branch manager at the State Bank of India’s Tinsukia location.

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