Ah, the almighty ATM machine is a firm favorite of mine, as it will hold your surplus of cash, and can be “summoned”, as it were, as and when required. It used to be an ATM card with a magnetic stripe at the back that held your personal information, but technology has since seen the ATM machine and mode of withdrawal seen several positive steps made in the name of security, including a more secure chip embedded now in favor of the magnetic strip. Still, there are always better ways to be safe, and one of the more innovative methods was the introduction of a fingerprint reader at ATMs, where it will rely on “finger vein” technology that will record the veins on your fingertips instead of reading the topographic signature of your finger.

This scanning technology is the brainchild of Japanese company Hitachi, and each customer will have his or her very own unique identifier. There is only one of these biometric machines in the world so far being used in public as far as we know, and it operates in Poland, although there are plans in the pipeline to introduce another three or four of such well equipped ATMs in Warsaw before the year is over.

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