counterstrike-120604Every game has cheaters, whether it be cheating where they are working off a bug or an exploit, or if it is a full hack of the game where the cheating is a lot more severe. Naturally no one likes a cheater, but one Counter-Strike player has decided to do something about it. Posting on Reddit as AndroidL, what he has done he has managed to get cheaters to oust themselves, thus getting themselves banned in the process.

According to his post on Reddit, “Over the course of two weeks I’ve released three different fake “multihacks“. Essentially they edit your view angles to those that should be impossible to get and constantly gives infinite ammo/health. The hacks also do a few other things that ensure a VAC ban would be received.”

The cheats were timed too, meaning that it was only after a certain time that Valve’s anti-cheat system would detect it and ban them. To date, his “hacks” have seen over 5,500 downloads in which many cheaters have found themselves banned in the process. That being said, this is just a drop in the bucket as far as Counter-Strike cheaters are concerned, but if this can get some cheaters banned, we suppose it’s better than nothing.

So far the response from the Counter-Strike community has been largely positive, and according to AndroidL, he might consider doing this again. “I’m incredibly humbled by the community’s response, thank you everyone for your kind words. I’ll look into doing this sort of thing again.”

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