cyanogen-mod-skype1Back in the day CyanogenMod was a single entity with the goal of releasing custom ROMs for Android devices. However as expected, the group evolved to Cyanogen Inc. which releases platforms for OEMs, while CyanogenMod still remains a community-driven project. That being said, the folks at Cyanogen have announced a new platform called MOD.

This should not be confused with CyanogenMod. Instead MOD is a new platform that seems to be part of Cyanogen’s plans to take Android away from Google. So what makes MOD different from what the company has been releasing so far? Basically much, much deeper integration of apps and services into the operating system.

The group has plans to release APIs to help developers create native experiences for the platform, but for now they have teamed up with select groups, one of them being Microsoft. Some examples of Microsoft’s integration into the platform include Skype integrated into the native dialer for VOIP calling, and the ability to switch from voice to video calls.

Cortana will also be the default voice assistant, along with Hyperlapse features being integrated into the native camera app. TrueCaller will also be built into the system to identify spam calls. MOD is expected to roll out to users with the Cyanogen OS 13 update next month, so this is something that users can look forward to in the future.

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