selfie-murderWhat is the world coming to these days? A couple of teenage schoolgirls called the police to ask for a lift back home, and this was right after they beat a woman to death in England, shortly thereafter shooting a selfie when they were behind a police van – all of these morbid details were shared with a court. The two teenage girls were 13 and 14 years old, when they pummeled 39-year old Angela Wrightson to death as the victim pleaded for her life in her Hartlepool, County Durham, house.


Some of the weapons used by these two juvenile murderers were a wooden stick laced with screws, a TV set, a printer, a coffee table and even a shovel, where the “sustained and brutal” attack was carried out over a prolonged period of time. At the end of it all, Ms Wrightson’s body exhibited over 100 injuries as she succumbed to her death. There were even shards of glass, small pieces of gravel or grit that were strewn over and around her private parts, whereas her ear had traces of ash from burnt paper.

At the crime scene, the two girls also snapped selfies of themselves. The Snapchat selfie depicted the defendants smiling while Ms Wrightson was shown in the background prior to her death.

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