Selfie stick for the sea lions

Sea lions love selfies! Audubon Nature Institute, what other animals like selfies?

Posted by WGNO-TV | ABC26 on Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Selfies have been in the limelight for quite some time already, but here is yet another instance that will bring the art of snapping selfies to a whole new level – or should we say, lower level – in the depths of the sea, to be more exact. Hugh, who is a volunteer over at the Aquarium of the Pacific, came across this Eureka moment when he decided that sea lions too, should get their own selfie sticks.

This is what Hugh shared, “Just for fun, I made a selfie stick for the sea lions. Why? I just thought it would be neat to see a swimming sea lion from the same selfie stick perspective that surfers and other action sports athletes use to give a “you are there” feel to their shots. I used an old target pole and mounted the GoPro on the end where the float is. The float actually neutralized the weight of the camera and mount which made it easy for a sea lion to hold while swimming underwater. I had Milo try out the rig during an early morning training session. After checking out the feel of the selfie stick Milo proceeded to take the camera on a quick but exciting circuit of the front pool of the exhibit.”

This selfie stick for sea lions certainly worked pretty well in its trial run, but will it ever make millions for Hugh? Unlikely, but it might just spark off the same idea for other animals in the future. We do wonder whether there will be “no selfie zones” declared underwater, but surely the chance of animals in selfies would increase with such an invention. Hopefully no animals end up dead with the dangers of snapping selfies being documented before.

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