apple_logoLast week we reported that in the latest iOS update, some users have reported that their iPhones were bricked after updating to it. The reason is because these users were found to have gotten their phones repaired from unofficial parties that might have affected the Touch ID component on the phone.

Apple claims that it is a security feature, which we guess does make sense, but at the same time bricking the device does seem to be a tad harsh, so much so that Seattle-based law firm Pfau Cochran Vertetis Amala (PCVA) has announced that they will be filing a class action lawsuit over the “Error 53” that some iPhone users are experiencing as a result of this.

According to PCVA attorney Darrell Cochran who is leading the lawsuit, he claims that Apple’s security argument is invalid because the phones continued to work even after repair, and it was only after the latest iOS update and validation checks that caused the devices to brick. He also claims that Apple had failed to warn users about the consequence of what would happen.

Cochran says, “No materials we’ve seen from Apple ever show a disclosure that your phone would self-destruct if you download new software onto a phone. If Apple wants to kill your phone under any set of circumstances and for any reason, it has to make it crystal clear to its customers before the damage is done.”

While Apple has yet to officially respond to the lawsuit, MacRumors claims that some Apple retail stores have been given the greenlight by Apple to replace components within the phone to resolve the issue.

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