As some of you guys might have heard, it seems that there is a bug for the iPhone in which if you were to set your date to the 1st of January, 1970 and reset your phone, your device supposedly goes into an endless loop and will brick. It seems that the only way to fix it is to take it to an Apple Store to have it looked at.

However according to a recent video uploaded by JerryRigEverything, it looks like there is a fix for the bug that appears to work flawlessly. The only downside is that it involves you opening up your phone which could potentially damage it even further and/or void your warranty, so unless going to an Apple Store is incredibly difficult or out of the way for you, maybe you might want to consider leaving it to the professionals.

So how does this fix work? Basically in the video above, JerryRigEverything unscrews the case of the iPhone and disconnects the battery before reconnecting it again. In some ways it sounds like how you would reset devices back in the day where most phones came with removable batteries.

However since the iPhone is notoriously difficult to open without the proper tools, it can be tricky. In any case check out the video above for the instructions, but do proceed with care and at your own risk if this is something you think you want to do.

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