gmail-iconMore often than not when you look at people’s contact information online, you will find that they have a Gmail address, so the question is, exactly how popular is Gmail? During Alphabet’s first earnings call, Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that Gmail now has an active monthly user base of 1 billion.

However as noted by Android Police, the Gmail app for Android has surpassed more than 1 billion installs since 2014, so we guess perhaps not all who downloaded the app stuck around to use it or its service. At the same time, it was in 2012 that Google announced that they had 425 million monthly active users, which means that in the 3+ years since then, they have more than doubled their users.

Google also did not mention if things changed on the mobile front. Prior to this, Google revealed that the majority of Gmail users logged into their accounts via their mobile devices, a whopping 75% to be exact, and since Google did not announce new numbers, it can be safe to assume that it probably did not change much.

Either way it does sound like quite an accomplishment for Google and their parent company, Alphabet, which probably helped the company’s stocks rise and allow them to become the most valuable company in the world.

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