Google has collaborated with a variety of manufacturers for Nexus smartphones and tablets, manufacturers like HTC, LG, Samsung and even Huawei. It handles the software end and promises fast updates while the manufacturing partners take care of the hardware end and production. If a new report is to be believed Google is now interested in pulling an Apple on its Nexus lineup, meaning that it wants to control both the hardware and the software.

Apple really is rare in the sense that it makes its own hardware and software. Almost every major manufacturer be it Samsung, LG, HTC or any of the rising stars from China make their own hardware but license Android from Google. BlackBerry was one of the last holdouts but it’s also moving towards Android now.

The Information reports that Google CEO Sundar Pichai has taken up the matter with colleagues and outsiders that Google is planning to exercise more control over Nexus devices. This means that the company is looking to remove third-party manufacturers from the mix completely and will tackle both hardware and software on its own.

It’s not like Google doesn’t have any experience of building hardware, it has shown with the Chromebook Pixel and Pixel C tablet that it’s quite capable of putting out great products on its own. So it won’t be surprising if Google decides to do this with the Nexus lineup as well, granted that it will be sourcing components from other companies but that’s what everybody does, however, the design, build and production will solely rest with Mountain View.

If this ends up happening it’s said that future Nexus smartphones might only feature Google’s brand so that it’s clear to everybody with a single glance that the device is produced, developed and powered by Google.

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