iron man helmetIn case you didn’t already know, cosplaying can be pretty hard work. Sure, we’ve seen some costumes that don’t look like a lot of effort has been put into it, but at the same time we’ve seen some really beautiful ones that have probably taken countless hours, a lot of trial and error, and a lot of money to get right.

After all, you are essentially trying to make a set of clothes for yourself. Now if you’d like to get into cosplay but don’t want the time, money, or patience to start building your own costumes, fret not because Hasbro and Marvel have your back. Both companies have recently unveiled a couple of cosplay accessories that will make your costume look good.

captain america shieldAs you can see in the photos, there are two pieces that they have unveiled: Captain America’s shield and Iron Man’s helmet. The helmet uses 3 AAA batteries and will have built-in light-up and sound effects, while Captain America’s shield will be a 24-inch shield which is the same size as the shield used in the movies.

Both are priced at $100 each and are expected to be made available later this year, so if you have plans on cosplaying either character, or maybe just for the next Halloween, then these accessories might be worth checking out.

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