Simon-AirIf you grew up in the 70s, there is a good chance you might have come across the Simon game. For those unfamiliar, Simon is game based around sound and colors. It is split into four quadrants, with the computer playing out a series of sounds and lighting up the different color quadrants.

The objective of the game is for the player to mimic what the computer did, essentially making this something of a memory-based game. However it looks like the folks at Hasbro have decided that the game needs an upgrade to be more relevant in today’s world and have since announced the Simon Air.

The gameplay of the Simon Air is more or less identical to the original. The main difference is that instead of actually touching the toy, gamers will be able to gesture at the different quadrants instead, meaning they don’t even need to touch it to play it. In fact Hasbro has even upgraded the game by including sequences where gamers will need to sweep their hand across several colors at once.

Hasbro has actually tried reinventing this game back in 2014 with Simon Swipe, which was a touchscreen variant. For those interested in getting their hands on the Simon Air, it is expected to be released later this fall where it will be priced at $20.

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