hickman-bike-5For the casual bike rider, we suppose you could go ahead and pick one off the shelf. However for the more hardcore rider or enthusiast, you guys know that there are different bikes for different occasions. For example there are bikes designed for the road, then there are bikes designed for trails, then there are some designed for portability, and etc.

However if you don’t have the cash to purchase multiple bikes, you might be interested in a bike called the Hickman Bike which was created by a frame builder in the UK by the name of Mike Hickman. The idea behind the Hickman Bike is that it can be adapted to your style, size, and posture.

Of course bikes right now can be adjusted, like its seat height and handlebars, but the Hickman Bike wants to take things further. This is thanks to the use of telescoping/pivoting frame sections. These sections allow adjustments to be made over a wider range, and at the same time let users move the handlebars fore and aft.

Unfortunately the Hickman Bike does not come cheap. It is priced at £2,000, which is about US$2,780 after conversion. For that price, you could get yourself several cheaper bikes, but we suppose this is the price you would pay for the convenience. For more information or to purchase one for yourself, head on over to its website for the details.

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