mi_qicycleIt was speculated that due to the teasers that Xiaomi had put out that the company could be planning on unveiling a smart bicycle, and sure enough it looks like the speculation was right as Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi QiCYCLE folding electric bicycle that does come with several “smart” features.

First of all this is an electric bicycle, meaning that there will be some assistance provided when you pedal, as opposed to regular bikes where it is 100% your effort. It will feature a 250W, 36V “high speed motor”, although it doesn’t exactly say how fast the bike will be able to travel at when in use.

It will also come with a li-ion battery provided by Panasonic that will allow users to travel up to 45km on a single charge. There is a Shimano Nexus 3-speed hub, a companion smartphone app, and there is an IDbike Torque Measurement Method that can measure how much torque you are applying, which in turn will allow the bike to better determine how much power to output.

It is foldable and will weigh 14.5kg. There are also stats that it can track like speed, distance, power, dynamic power, and calories consumed. It will cost cost RMB2,999 which is actually relatively affordable. It’s an interesting development for the company who has primarily been known for creating smartphones. There is no word on whether the Mi QiCYCLE will be arriving in the US, but for now we can just safely assume that it won’t.

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