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Florida Man Caught Cutting The Brake Lines Of Over 100 E-Scooters
E-scooters are becoming a common sight in cities around the US. Unlike bikes, they’re smaller and easier to navigate, giving commuters a quick way to get to their destination. However, the downside is that sometimes riders can be inconsiderate where both drivers and pedestrians have to keep an eye out for them as it could lead to accidents.

Thermal Imaging To Fight Mechanical Doping In Tour de France
Using drugs during sporting events to enhance once’s performance isn’t anything new. It’s illegal but nothing new. However earlier this year, it was discovered that one cyclist did not dope herself medically, but rather mechanically where officials found that her bicycle had a hidden motor which obviously gave her an edge over the rest of the competition.

Xiaomi Unveils The Mi QiCYCLE Folding Electric Bike
It was speculated that due to the teasers that Xiaomi had put out that the company could be planning on unveiling a smart bicycle, and sure enough it looks like the speculation was right as Xiaomi has officially announced the Mi QiCYCLE folding electric bicycle that does come with several “smart” features.

The Bike Mine Is One Heck Of A Thief Deterrent
Gone are the simpler days when one could leave their bike out and not have it stolen. In fact these days thieves are becoming more desperate to the point where hi-tech bike locks have to be invented in order to ensure our mode of transport isn’t stolen and ridden off in the middle of the night.


These Tiny Magnets Will Help Prevent Bike Theft
Given that bicycles are generally pretty light, it’s a lot easier to make off with a bike rather than a car or a motorbike. Sometimes what thieves do is that they even still the wheels off a bike, which is rather annoying but unfortunate. However the good news is that there is a new invention on Kickstarter that will help address that.

The Hickman Bike Can Be Modified To Suit Your Riding Style
For the casual bike rider, we suppose you could go ahead and pick one off the shelf. However for the more hardcore rider or enthusiast, you guys know that there are different bikes for different occasions. For example there are bikes designed for the road, then there are bikes designed for trails, then there are some designed for portability, and etc.

Cyclist Caught With Hidden Motor In Bike During A Race
Doping in sports is unfortunate but inevitable. After all with such high stakes, everyone wants an edge, even if that edge is illegal and considered cheating. Probably one of the more high profile cases of doping in cycling would be Lance Armstrong, although reports have suggested that it was a pretty common occurrence.

Laser Lights Will Be Rolled Out To London’s Boris Bike Fleet
Several months ago we reported that the city London in the UK would be trialing out a laser light program for some of its Boris bikes. Basically the idea is that the bikes, instead of projecting light from a regular headlamp, will instead project a laser image of a bike in front of it. This is inform drivers and pedestrians that there is a bike on the road, in case […]

Free Electric Bike Generates Electricity As You Pedal
A lot of us in developed countries take energy and resources like clean water for granted. In reality there are plenty of areas and countries in the world where access to stable electricity and clean running water is difficult to come by, which is why alternative means of generating electricity is crucial.Thanks to the Free Electric bike, the idea is that soon areas will be able to generate their own […]

This Bike Bridge In Copenhagen Is Enough To Make You Lose Your Lunch
If you were to ask which city in the world deserves to be known as the most bike-friendly city, there is a very good chance that Copenhagen will top that list, or at the very least be one of the top few choices. That being said, it looks like the city is building a new bike bridge and you’re probably wondering, so? What’s the big deal?The big deal is that […]

London’s Bikes For Rent WIll Be Equipped With Lasers
There are several countries around the world where you can rent bicycles and take a cycle through the city. The UK is one of those countries and over in London, residents and tourists can rent bikes, also known as Boris Bikes, to take around the city with you while you explore, and recently the Transport for London has decided to up its safety features.How will this work? Basically they will […]

Bike Tail Light Will Double Up As An Anti-Theft Device
It used to be that bike tail lights were just that, tail lights. They were meant to give drivers a heads up that you’re on the road, especially at night where there might not be much light available. However today technology has advanced, and this has had a trickle down effect to the bike light.Introducing the Fast bike light which will be able to pull double duty as an anti-theft […]

Breathalyzer Bike Lock Won’t Let You Cycle Home Drunk
Driving while drunk is a bad idea and everyone knows that, but what about cycling home while drunk? Granted that a bike probably won’t be able to run into pedestrians and hurt them the same way that a car will, it will still hurt. It could also see cyclists veer off their path and into ditches, or into oncoming traffic where they themselves will end up injured.This is why if […]

$7,000 Bike’s Built-In GPS Led To Its Recovery After It Was Stolen
Bicycles for the most part are mechanical devices, but these days we are starting to see the rise in electric bicycles that come with more modern features, like an electric motor to help move things along, LED screens, and built-in GPS, just to name a few. While some cyclists snub their noses at these modern features, cyclist Bill Kiriakis is probably loving it as the bike’s built-in GPS managed to […]