E-scooters are becoming a common sight in cities around the US. Unlike bikes, they’re smaller and easier to navigate, giving commuters a quick way to get to their destination. However, the downside is that sometimes riders can be inconsiderate where both drivers and pedestrians have to keep an eye out for them as it could lead to accidents.

Safe to say that there are some who aren’t too thrilled with the idea of e-scooters, despite them sounding great on paper. In fact, according to a report from NBC Miami, it has been revealed that a man in Florida, Randall Thomas Williams, was recently arrested for cutting the brake lines and tampering with over 100 e-scooters.

Police finally managed to catch him in a sting operation where they used a Ring camera to try and find the person(s) responsible for vandalizing nearly 140 e-scooters since April. The crime is said to have taken place within a two-block radius from where Williams lived, and one day they finally caught him on video tampering with one of them.

Thankfully though, there have not been any reports of e-scooter related accidents or injuries that were a result of his tampering. If convicted, Williams could be expected to pay for the repairs for each of the e-scooters he damaged at around $70 per e-scooter, along with other legal penalties.

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