jbl legend cp100Not all of us are fortunate or rich enough to buy the latest cars, which means that for many of us, we will be “missing out” on newer car infotainment systems like Android Auto or CarPlay. Thankfully there are aftermarket units that we can buy, like JBL’s Legend CP100. The unit was announced at CES last month, and now we have a release date to look forward to.


For those who own an older vehicle but would love to have some modern amenities, you will be pleased to learn that JBL’s head unit will be available on the 14th of February via JBL’s website where it will be priced at $399. For those who missed the announcement at CES, the unit will come with a 6.75-inch touchscreen display.

It also comes with your standard AM/FM tuner, along with rear USB input, rear camera input, and will also support steering wheel controls, meaning that you’ll be able to adjust some of its playback without having to reach over to the unit all the time. Connecting your mobile device to its CarPlay/Android Auto feature will require a Bluetooth connection, so making calls and playing music should be pretty seamless.

The head unit is currently available for pre-order via JBL’s website so if you’d like to get your hands on it and have it shipped to you next week, then head on over to place your pre-order today.

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