Adobe has released a big update for Lightroom for Android, the update brings this app at par with its iOS counterpart, with new features being added that include haze removal and split toning. These features were added to Lightroom for iOS last year so it’s about time that Adobe brought them over for Android as well. It has also added an entirely new feature to the Android app which takes it one step further than its iOS counterpart.

Lightroom for Android is now able to shoot RAW photos, in Adobe’s DNG format to be precise, and for the foreseeable future this feature is going to remain exclusive to the Android app and there’s a reason for that.

Google allowed Android devices to shoot images in RAW format with Lollipop whereas iOS doesn’t allow third-party camera apps to shoot in this format, meaning that even if Adobe wanted to it can’t add this feature to iOS just yet.

Shooting images in RAW gives users the flexibility to do much more with their photos since they’re not compressed, this allows for photo editing apps to provide more flexibility in how an image can be edited.

One major downside to RAW files, since they’ve not been compressed, is that they take up a whole lot more space than images in compressed formats like JPEG. So this feature may not be that useful for those who have a mid-range Android device that struggles with memory and performance issues. Lightroom for Android will work flawlessly with most recent Android devices.

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