If you are taking photos and realize that many of them turn out to be blurry, chances are you might want to rethink how you hold your camera. There are various methods of holding a camera to help ensure that your photos are as clear and sharp as possible, but nowadays optical image stabilization helps with that.

In fact in addition to announcing their fast-charging technology earlier today, Oppo also announced their SmartSenor OIS technology, a tech that they are boasting is the world’s smallest optical image stabilization. Oppo is also boasting that unlike most smartphone OIS technology which is lens-based, theirs is sensor-based thanks to the fact that the sensor they made which is about as thin as two sheets of paper.

So how does this work? Instead of a system that helps keep the lens balanced and stable, this system will move the sensor to help compensate for any movement. The end result is that unlike lens stabilization systems that only provide two-axis stabilization, this will provide three-axis which on paper should offer up better results.

No word on when Oppo plans on integrating this technology into their smartphones, or if they plan on licensing it out to other smartphone makers, but the company did stress how difficult it has been to create the technology, but hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before we start seeing such tech make its way into our phones.

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