playstation-vr-gloveWondering how you might be able to control Sony’s PlayStation VR upon its release? Right now what we have seen so far is obviously not the final product, so it still remains to be seen what the final model will look like and what kind of controllers and features Sony might have up their sleeves.

However we might have a clue as to what to expect, thanks to a recently discovered patent shared on NeoGAF. According to the patent, it describes a glove-like device that would allow gamers to control objects they see while in virtual reality. It can record finger movement and also sports a pressure sensor to detect if the player might be touching a surface.

The patent’s description reads, “In such an implementation, users collaborating may use their gloves to touch objects, move objects, interface with surfaces, press on objects, squeeze objects, toss objects, make gesture actions or motions, or the like.” Right now how we’ve seen the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift be controlled feels more like playing with joysticks.

This isn’t a bad setup, but by using gloves, it would allow potentially more precise controls and a more immersive experience. The patent was filed for back in 2014 which means a lot could have changed by then.

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