Hasbro took a lot of flak for excluding Rey from the latest edition of the Monopoly: Star Wars board game. It deserved the criticism given that Rey is an integral part of the new Star Wars movie and should have been included in the board game from the get go. Hasbro then promised to include the Rey figure in the box later this year and it’s now following through on that promise.

Fans really didn’t like it when they found out that Rey had been excluded from the game. J.J. Abrams termed her exclusion as “preposterous and wrong,” and mounting pressure forced Hasbro to respond and promise that it will add a Rey figure to the game.

Hasbro really couldn’t have come up with an excuse to exclude Rey from Monopoly: Star Wars given that she’s the main character in the movie and much of the story revolves around her. Even the movie’s title is a veiled reference to her character and that’s really why Hasbro was criticized so much that it caved in.

The company has revealed the Rey Star Wars Monopoly figure at the 2016 Toy Fair in New York City. It’s planning to ship the figure with the new versions of the game later this year in the fall, possibly around the holiday season.

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