Robots do seem to integrate themselves into our everyday life these days, and it is not surprising to hear, really, be it harvesting lettuce at a far more efficient rate compared to humans or serving us at a mobile phone store. In terms of sports, we have seen the ping pong playing robot by Omron at CEATEC before, but what about a robot that plays golf? It seems that a robot managed to score a hole-in-one brings over at TPC Scottsdale’s 16th hole.

There is a tradition concerning the 16th green at TPC Scottsdale, especially, when Tiger Woods scored a hole-in-one back in 1997, and the hole was soaked in booze and bottles, and that particular shot has since turned the 16th hole into one of golf’s most exciting holes.

Over at the Waste Management Open’s pro-am event yesterday, there was no Tiger Woods around, but rather, a robot who managed to land such a shot. Known as “LDRIC the Robot,” this machine is the brainchild of a certain Gene Parente who owns Golf Laboratories Inc. Gene’s robot is used to test equipment as well as ballsin the golf industry, which means it has a pretty mean swing, and has the ability to replicate hooks, slices and other flaws which can be found in the game of the average golfer.

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