Many of us have fond memories of old Windows iterations. Over the years, we’ve seen Microsoft’s cash cow grow into the behemoth that it is today and there are some iterations of Windows that will always live in our memory, Windows XP for example. Windows 95 holds a special place as well since it was first the first release to introduce the much loved Start menu. While you might find it hard to come across a PC that runs this OS now, it’s actually possible to run Windows 95 in your browser.

19-year-old Andrea Fauld, a Scottish programmer, has made it possible for all of us to natively run Windows 95 from inside the web browser on our modern machines that are capable of running Windows 10, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s OS, and miles ahead of the one released back in ’95.

Andrea utilizes Emscripten to make this happen. Emscripten translates the C++ code in which Windows 95 is written in JavaScript and that then renders the user interface. To provide the complete native feel, Dosbox and Em-Dosbox are also used. The end result is that anybody with a modern web browser can now run Windows 95.

Obviously this is a novelty more than anything. It certainly won’t replace your modern OS. Do remember that it takes quite a bit of time for everything to load up in the browser so you will have to be patient.

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