With the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung has brought back a rather useful feature which is water resistance. While we doubt many of you guys actually go swimming with your phone, the peace of mind knowing that should it take an unfortunate swim in your pool or toilet bowl, it will still remain functional.

To prove how effective the phone is at resisting water, the folks at T-Mobile have decided to put together a video in which T-Mobile’s product guy Des Smith unboxes the handset while being submerged underwater. The video is rather humorous as Smith has a snorkel in his mouth because you know, he needs to breathe, but there are subtitles if you are trying to figure out what he’s trying to say.

Basically the whole video is just about showing how water resistant the phones are. This is in addition to the high-end specs and features that Samsung has decided to pack into the device, so really, it is just icing on the cake. In the meantime, the major US carriers including T-Mobile have all announced that they will be selling the phone.

Pre-orders are expected to kick off on the 23rd of February and will be going on sale on the 11th of March. Pricing of the phone and the payment plans will vary from carrier to carrier, so take your pick on which you think is the best value for your money.

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  • 2560x1440
  • Super AMOLED
  • 576 PPI
12 MP
  • f/1.7 Aperture
  • OIS
3000 mAh
  • Non-Removable
  • Wireless Charging
  • Snapdragon 820/ Exynos 8
  • MicroSD
~$350 - Amazon
152 g
Launched in
Storage (GB)
  • 128

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