vevo_youtubeIf you have ever tried searching for music videos on YouTube, more often than not you might see Vevo’s name attached to said video. So far the videos are free, as they should be since you can find them on other platforms like MTV, or even released by the artists themselves. However Vevo has recently expressed their interest in creating a paid music video platform.

Speaking at the Code/Media conference, Vevo’s CEO Erik Huggers said that this idea came about after there was a lot of talk about the subscription model, something that artists and record labels are doing right now with platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Tidal, and etc. According to Huggers, “Today our business is all about ad-supported. So we think that one of the important things — we hear this throughout the industry — is the move toward subscription. That’s something we’re interested in.”

Like we said, music videos are currently free to watch, although recently some artists have started exploring other options, like releasing music videos on certain music streaming platforms first before making them available to other services, like what Eminem did with Apple Music. Already artists are taking sides like how Rihanna and Kanye West did with Tidal, so it isn’t really a stretch to think that music videos could be used that way as well.

In any case what do you guys think? How does the idea of paying for music videos sound to you guys?

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