When searching for music videos online, especially on YouTube, more often than not you’ll find yourself at an artist’s Vevo page. In fact last year the company announced that they were interested in moving into the subscription business, although exactly how this would work was unclear.


Unfortunately if you were hoping to see Vevo’s subscription service, don’t hold your breath because in a report from Variety, Vevo has confirmed that they will be putting the brakes on its subscription plans. This is according to the company’s CEO Erik Huggers who said that the company’s priorities have shifted and international expansion is one of those priorities.

That being said it doesn’t mean that their plans have been cancelled. According to Hugger, he told Variety that a subscription service is still in the cards and that it is one of the company’s long-term strategies, but for now and for the near future, they have decided to focus on other initiatives first.

He said, “We will switch it on when it’s right.” As to what Vevo’s plans are for video, Huggers was quoted as saying, “We are not going to commission expensive, Netflix-style TV shows. That’s not what our audience wants. For us, it’s all about short-form video.”

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