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Popular YouTube Music Videos Defaced In Hack
Some of the most popular music videos on YouTube appear to have fallen victim to a hack today. Vevo’s YouTube account was likely hacked which resulted in music videos such as Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s “Despacito,” which also happens to be the most-viewed video on YouTube, being defaced. The video’s thumbnail was changed to a gang of masked men holding guns, a still from the Casa de Papel series […]

Vevo’s Subscription Plans Have Been Put On Hold
When searching for music videos online, especially on YouTube, more often than not you’ll find yourself at an artist’s Vevo page. In fact last year the company announced that they were interested in moving into the subscription business, although exactly how this would work was unclear.

Vevo Working On Paid Music Video Subscription Service
If you have ever tried searching for music videos on YouTube, more often than not you might see Vevo’s name attached to said video. So far the videos are free, as they should be since you can find them on other platforms like MTV, or even released by the artists themselves. However Vevo has recently expressed their interest in creating a paid music video platform.

Vevo Upgrades Music App
Monkey see, monkey do, or so the saying goes. After the roll out of the highly anticipated YouTube Music application, Vevo, a music video streaming app that actually distributes videos to YouTube with Google being seen to be one of their investors, has decided to upgrade its own music app to ensure that users end up with a new experience. This total revamp from ground up will appear on the […]


Vevo For PS4 And PS4 Launched In Select Markets
Vevo is a popular music platform that’s known for providing easy access to some of the hottest new music videos. It’s channels are available on Youtube and Vevo has released apps for several different platforms itself. It’s now turning its attention towards Sony’s gaming consoles. The official Vevo app for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 has been released in selected markets today.

Vevo For Windows Phone Bows Out
It is hard to compete against Android and iOS when you don’t offer users even a fraction of the amount of apps that are available for both platforms. No wonder the global mobile market is a duopoly. Microsoft and BlackBerry know the feeling well enough. Recently a couple of widely used Windows Phone apps have been pulled and now Vevo has joined that list.

Yahoo And Vevo Partner Up For Original Music Programming
It is safe to say that in terms of videos on the internet, YouTube is the king and is pretty much everyone’s go-to website when they want to search for videos. This is despite alternatives out there such as Daily Motion and Vimeo, both of whom offer similar video hosting services, but we guess given YouTube’s reputation and how long it has been established, it would be hard to knock […]

Chromecast Gets Ten New Content Partners
Google wants to give you another reason, in fact, ten reasons to buy its $35 HDMI dongle. Chromecast was launched earlier this year, its a simple HDMI dongle that can be attached to the back of a display. Once connected to a Wi-Fi network, users can stream a wide variety of content to the display through the nifty little device. Ten new content partners for Chromecast have been announced today, which […]

Official Vevo App For Samsung Smart TVs And Blu-ray Players Launched
It is no secret that Vevo has been working quite hard to transition from web browsers and mobile apps to other mediums. The go-to music destination for millions of people around the world seeks to expand its reach beyond these two mediums and it has found the answer in internet connected TVs. Only recently the Vevo app for Apple TV was launched, which puts the music service on millions of […]

Vevo Will Block YouTube Offline Viewing
It has already been revealed that a YouTube mobile app update will bring offline viewing functionality in November. Only yesterday more details about this feature emerged, users will be allowed to store videos on their devices for 48 hours, they can be viewed anytime within that window without needing an internet connection. Once the 48 hour window is up, the device must be connected to the internet again if the […]