You can buy almost anything on Amazon, anything from clothes to perfumes to fresh groceries and even handyman services. The online retailer has got you covered. Now, though, it’s selling something quite unexpected. Amazon has started selling Comcast services, meaning that you can buy Comcast’s phone, the internet and TV services via the online retailer.

Sales pages for Comcast services have already gone live on Amazon. They look and feel like conventional Amazon product pages but instead of checking out you simply set a time that’s convenient for you to get the service installed on your premises.

Obviously, one can buy Comcast services straight from Comcast itself but Amazon does offer a few incentives like gift cards with certain signups. The biggest selling point might be the option to buy, not lease, a modem as well as a dedicated customer service line.

Amazon has created the Amazon Cable Hub to better explain all of the incentives that you get for ordering these services from the online retailer. The hub hints that in the future more internet providers could be added so Amazon might eventually become a tool you use to compare all of the different service providers in your town.

There no differences in the pricing, though, customers get packages at the same price via Amazon as they would if they purchased directly from Comcast.

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