FBIIt looks like the tables have turned, where initially, Apple did not want to provide FBI with the software that they required to unlock the San Bernardino killer’s iPhone 5c in an effort to gain more evidence on who he contacted before committing the dastardly crime, and it looks like after the FBI managed to gain access to the locked iPhone 5c without any help from Apple, Apple would like to ask the FBI as to how they managed to do so.

Needless to say, the FBI are far from interested in informing Apple as to how it managed to get around the handset’s security features, which in turn would have left the folks over at Apple scratching their heads on how such a vulnerability has been overlooked – and in turn, might carry the risk of compromising the millions of iPhone handsets that are already out there in the market.

Justin Olsson, product counsel at security software maker AVG Technologies, weighed in, saying, “One way or another, Apple needs to figure out the details. The responsible thing for the government to do is privately disclose the vulnerability to Apple so they can continue hardening security on their devices.” Do you think that the FBI will relent and do so, or continue to play hardball?

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