fbi-james-comeyIt looks like the inevitable has happened, as though it was scripted for a movie directly – the FBI has finally gained access to the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone – all without the need for any assistance from Apple, backdoor precedent or not. At least, this was what was revealed by prosecutors in a court filing earlier this morning Monday.

The filing which was three sentences long (or short, depending on your point of view), claimed that they had “now successfully accessed the data” which was stored on Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone, which meant that Apple’s court-ordered help is no longer required. This means there will no longer be any legal showdown by Apple’s legal eagles against the government in the midst of security concerns.

Both Apple and the Justice Department had declined to comment on the matter as at press time. However, the mystery remains as to how investigators has managed to gain access into the iPhone, or what kind of details did the FBI manage to pick up concerning the San Bernardino after reviewing the materials and information gained from the accessed iPhone. The FBI had remained mum on who proposed the methodology in accessing the iPhone as well. All’s well that ends well, does it not?

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