Boeing does churn out some pretty great planes, and the Dreamliner 787 is one of them that is chock-full of technological innovations, including those that cannot be seen. Well, it looks like Boeing would want to push themselves further by having an airplane bathroom which will be as clean as possible despite being used by so many passengers. It will rely on the power of far UV light to zap 99.99% of germs in there, but it would not do much in terms of pee stains if some folks can’t “aim” properly into the toilet bowl.


Far UV light is different from what tanning salons use, as it is harmful only to microbes. It will not be left on all the time though, as the airplane bathroom will kickstart these far UV lights only when the sensors pick up no more movement within. This means once you’re done, exit the bathroom and close the door, the lights will pulse and do a number on them nasty germs. Heck, even the toilet cover will co-operate in this case as it pops up automatically for a more thorough cleaning process.

It is said that this process is quick and painless, taking all of just three seconds to complete. While it is not a total hands-free experience, it is a start in the right direction. [Press Release]

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