apple_logo2A report from the other day revealed that the US Department of Justice had asked the courts to hold off on their hearing with Apple. Apparently they have managed to find a way to hack the iPhone themselves, meaning that they no longer needed Apple’s help to do so. It was unclear as to how they figured it out, but now we know.

According to a report from the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper (via Reuters), it turns out that Israeli firm Cellebrite is the one helping to hack the iPhone. For those unfamiliar, Cellebrite is a company that provides mobile forensic software so safe to say that when it comes to security, they might know a thing or two.

It is unknown if the company has successfully managed to hack the iPhone, but it seems that they are trying. Unsurprisingly Cellebrite’s officials have declined to comment on the matter, but safe to say that if they were to be successful in hacking and unlocking the iPhone, it looks like law enforcement officials will no longer have to compel companies to unlock devices for them as they would have an ally in Cellebrite.

However like we said it is unclear if the hack has been successful, but we reckon it might have shown tremendous promise if the DOJ was willing to put the case on hold to tend to it.

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