Deadpool has done an incredible amount of business ever since it was released a few weeks ago. The movie has already set several records but its streak is far from over. It has now become the highest grossing R-rated movie in cinema history. Deadpool has earned over $746 million globally and has thus broken the previous record for the highest grossing R-rated movie ever set by The Matrix reloaded which was released back in 2003 and it made $742 million during its run at box offices around the world.


Unlike Batman v Superman, which critics didn’t seem to like very much, Deadpool received a lot of good reviews prior to its release. That might have helped the movie post a record-breaking $152.2 million opening weekend for an R-rated movie, leaving all similarly rated titles far behind.

The movie has earned $349.5 million in the United States so far and now has another record in its sights. It will own the domestic box office if it displaces the current record holder Passion of the Christ which raked in $370.8 million. Crossing that figure doesn’t seem impossible for Deadpool.

Most superhero movies are not R-rated so that their audience is amplified but with the success that Deadpool has had, it wouldn’t be surprising if more studios decided to come out with R-rated superhero movies. An R-rated cut of Batman v Superman is already scheduled to arrive this summer.

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