If you regularly check app listings on the App Store or Google Play Store then you might have seen an app that’s blowing up these days called Masquerade, even if you don’t check app listings, chances are some of your friends have already started using this app and are posting wacky images of themselves on social media. Masquerade is one of the hottest apps right now and interestingly it has been acquired by Facebook.

Masquerade allow you to apply all sorts of different filters over your face and play around with different ideas until you decide on something that looks good. It can also do the same with video and the resulting image or video can then be shared to social media.

Facebook seems to think that this trend isn’t going to die down soon and that’s probably why it has spent an undisclosed sum to acquire the company that made this app. Masquerade’s face swapping filters could eventually arrive in Facebook’s own app, but the social network doesn’t plan on shutting down the Masquerade app.

“Within Facebook, we’re going to be able to reach people at a scale like never before,” the company wrote in a blog post announcing the acquisition, and that’s true, just look at where WhatsApp and Instagram are at now.

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