As hard as it might appear for the younger generation to believe, there was a time without cellphones, a time when we used to rely on landlines to get in touch with our loved ones. You can forget about texting and tweeting. Now that almost everybody has a cellphone at the very least it might not make much sense to have a home phone service. I don’t have one anymore but Google believes that it’s still important to many families, so today it launched one of its own called Fiber Phone.

With Google Fiber Phone, users get unlimited local and nationwide calling for $10 per month and the same rates as Google Voice for international calls. It’s even possible to keep your old phone number if you don’t want a new number.

Traditional home phone service features like caller ID, call waiting and 911 services are all available. Fiber Phone can also be used to access voicemail, the service will even transcribe messages and then send them as a text or email.

It’s far from a traditional home phone service, though. Since a Fiber Phone number lives in the cloud, it can be accessed on any phone, tablet or notebook, it can ring your landline when you’re at home or your cellphone when you’re out and about.

Google is going to introduce Fiber Phone in a few areas initially. Over time, it’s going to roll out the service as an option to residential customers in all of its Fiber cities.

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