streetview-saI remember talking to some retired folk close to a couple of decades ago, and they did mention that there is no longer any more need to travel the world since you can view all of those amazing places right from the comfort of your living room through the National Geographic channels as well as other travel documentaries. Sure, they are right to a certain extent, but you still miss out on the actual sights, sounds and tastes. Of course, Google’s Street View has now replaced the TV when it comes to exploring new places, and one of the more expensive trips to the African safari can now take place on Google Street View.

In other words, Google’s Mzansi Experience will allow you to check out African wildlife in its native habitat, without having to burn a large hole in your bank account. You will also not need to suffer from the fear of being chased down by an angry lion and getting mauled, too, and neither do you need to worry about being bitten by malaria-bearing mosquitoes.

The Mzansi Experience on Google Street View will let you have an inkling of the area’s landscape, where you can check out the likes of elephants, leopards and other natural wonders, where you go through Cape Town’s Table Mountain all the way to Durban’s Golden Mile. Other past Street View experiences include the Miniatur Wunderland, Mont Blanc, and Loch Ness. [Press Release]

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