If you’re looking forward to new content from Hearthstone, you might have heard that Blizzard launched a new expansion for the game called Whispers of the Old Gods. The expansion has yet to be released and is slated for late April/early May, but if you can’t wait, you’ll be pleased to learn that Hearthstone has gotten a new hero character.

Blizzard has announced that they will be adding Lady Liadrin to the game. For those unfamiliar, Lady Liadrin is a Blood Elf Paladin from World of Warcraft and she will be making an appearance in the game. However to unlock the hero, players will need to play World of Warcraft and hit level 20 before being able to do so.

Now the good news is that in order to hit level 20, you won’t even need a World of Warcraft subscription. All players need is the Starter Edition which is free and basically lets you level to 20 with a free account. We suppose the goal here is to try and increase the number of World of Warcraft subscribers, which in the past year has dipped rather significantly.

In any case for those who are interested in collecting this hero, just head on over to Blizzard’s Battle.net website to find out how you can create a Starter Edition account. As for existing World of Warcraft players, Blizzard says, “Note that while this Achievement will not be rewarded retroactively, anyone who leveled a character to level 20 after 19:00 CET on March 11 will be eligible to receive Lady Liadrin.”

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