violent-video-games-pollOne of the negative perceptions many have when it comes to kids playing video games, is that it will make them violent. There is also the stereotype image of how people who play video games end up living in their parents’ basement until they’re 35, single, and jobless. However a recent study seems to suggest that is anything but true.

According to the study published in the Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology (via GeekWire), researchers have found that kids who play video games tend to be associated with being better in school and also more sociable, at least as far as grade-schoolers are concerned, basically suggesting that if anything, it sounds like video games might actually be good for kids.

The study even suggests that with many games having some kind of multiplayer component these days, it might encourage teamwork, something highly-valued in workplaces and something often taught in school. “Playing video games is today, even more so than in the past two decades, a highly social activity for most children as the vast majority of children play their video games with a friend…Some games explicitly reward effective cooperation, supporting and helping behavior.”

Of course this hardly means that you should be letting your kid go crazy by binging on video games, but maybe the next time you start to regress to an older bias or stereotype, perhaps this study could be worth considering.

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