Jimmy Kimmel, the late night talk show host and comedian has once again taken to the streets on Hollywood Boulevard, tricking people into believing that the product he shows them is something else. We’ve seen Kimmel do this with devices like the iPad mini where he convinced customers it was the iPhone 5s. He also managed to convince people that the iPhone 4S was really the iPhone 5.

This time he’s back and he has taken a $20 Casio digital watch and has managed to convince some people off the street that it is the rumored Apple iWatch, although they do refer to it as the iTime which seems to be in line with a recent patent filing. Oddly enough the people on the video were very into it, but we guess that had probably had something to do with the fact that the Casio watch had an Apple sticker slapped onto it.

Of course it is possible that the people interviewed were a small segment of those who believed him, while the majority of disbelievers were not shown, but either way it’s still pretty funny. If anything, it seems that Apple’s iWatch appears to be well-received, or at least its Casio counterpart. Does this mean that Apple can look forward to a lot of iWatch sales if and when they do release it?

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