LG-360-CAM-01At MWC 2016 last month, LG took the wraps off both the LG 360 CAM and the 360 VR. For those who are learning about these devices for the first time, the LG 360 CAM is a camera capable of taking photos in 360-degrees, while the LG 360 VR is basically LG’s version of a virtual reality headset, and it isn’t surprising that both devices are paired together.

That being said there are several options available out there when it comes to VR, but if LG’s offerings are of interest to you, you might be pleased to learn that B&H is currently taking pre-orders for both devices, both of which are coincidentally enough priced the same at $199 each.

This is admittedly more expensive compared to other VR headsets like the Samsung Gear VR, and reviews of the Gear VR found it more favorable compared to LG’s offering, but we suppose to each their own, maybe there are certain features you might prefer. In any case they are available for pre-order so if either (or both) are of interest, hit up B&H’s website for the LG 360 VR here and the LG 360 CAM here.

Unfortunately availability was not mentioned on B&H’s website but with the LG G5 officially launching 1st April, we guess it should be roughly around the same time.

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