memphis-apple-storeApple is certainly a company that always looks to the future without wanting to remain stagnant, as the moment it does so, it will begin to fall behind its competitors. This is pretty much a basic mantra for just about any company, and not just for Apple, and to impress the masses all the more over the past weekend, Apple has opened up a next-generation Apple Store over in Memphis.


The bill came up to a relatively paltry $1.5 million for the 37-foot television display for Apple, in addition to the motorized tables that were designed by Apple’s very own Jony Ive, which came with panels that were able to flip open in order to reveal USB ports and electrical outlets. I suppose this is a prototype of what is to come for all of the other Apple Stores, assuming folk who walk in love these new tables.

There were also wooden shelves that made up the walls to form a section of the store which is known as the Avenue. This is where consumers are given the chance to try on headsets as well as sample other kinds of accessories. This Apple Store can be found at 2031 West Street, Germantown, if you happen to be in Memphis.

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