apple-store-vr-1It was not too long ago that we brought you word on how Apple intends to make their move into the world of virtual reality technology, and there were whispers of Apple having formed a Virtual Reality (VR) team that will address this effort. Well, everything does seem to be in order at the moment, as Apple Store is seen to be selling the Mattel View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack. This might look familiar, especially since it is the Google Cardboard headset on steroids. The asking price? $29.95 a pop, making it the maiden VR headset model to appear over on the Apple Store.


The View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack would comprise of a headset that is composed of a set of lens and a plastic case (ditching the cardboard for a dash of quality, of course) which will be able to stash an iPhone comfortably. The VR set will play nice with any Apple smartphone – as long as it is the iPhone 5 or newer.

Via a special app on the iPhone, there will be two different video streams shown on the displays. As one checks out the content on show, the minute differences in both video streams will play with the viewer’s brain into perceiving a solitary 3D image instead. Right now, this pack will feature demo versions of its VR apps, and if you would like to unlock the full versions of Space, Wildlife with National Geographic, and Destinations, then be prepared to fork out additional dough.

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