When you’re operating an online service that millions of people around the world use then you can be sure that they’ll have some not-so-nice words to say if and when that service goes down. This has been happening often with Xbox Live, a paid subscription service, and there have been calls for compensation whenever Xbox Live goes down. Microsoft hasn’t agreed to the demand yet but it’s looking into the matter.

Larry Hryb a.k.a Major Nelson mentioned on Reddit that the company’s Xbox team is aware of the request that many Xbox Live members have made, that they be compensated whenever Xbox Live goes down.

They’re not necessarily after cold hard cash, Microsoft can provide compensation by simply extending their Xbox Live subscription for a couple of days for free, or providing discounts on games or content.

Microsoft hasn’t agreed to this demand as yet and there’s no saying if it ever will. Hryb did say that the Xbox team has been made aware of this request. That’s all there is to know about this, for now, Hryb says he’s going to talk to some people on the team “1:1” about this, and he’ll hopefully tell us when there’s more information on this.

Even if it doesn’t provide compensation, I’m sure many Xbox Live subscribers will just be happy with no downtime, as opposed to downtime that offers peanuts afterwards.

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