miitomoAbout 3 days ago, Nintendo released their first ever mobile game that was born of a partnership with DeNA in the form of Miitomo. The game was an odd choice given that many were probably expecting something else entirely, but if anything it seems to show that Nintendo has a huge fan base and that mobile was probably the right move.

Why is this, you ask? According to the numbers, it seems that Miitomo managed to attract 1 million users within its first 3 days of availability. That’s a lot of players, especially when you consider that Miitomo is currently only available via the Japanese iTunes App Store, meaning that when it does open up to the rest of the world, we expect those numbers to skyrocket even higher.

Like we said, there were some who questioned Nintendo’s initial decision to release the game as their first title, as opposed to going with something more familiar that relied on more popular characters from their different franchises. However despite the initial skepticism, reviews of the game have largely been positive.

For those unfamiliar with Miitomo, it is basically a social game which some have likened to Nintendo creating their very own social network. Users create their own Mii avatars who will then interact with other players in the game by chatting with them. These avatars can be further customized with clothing and accessories which Nintendo will be selling via in-app purchases.

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