Facebook-owned Oculus has been working on its Rift virtual reality headset for a couple of years now. After launching multiple developer kits and pushing back the consumer launch of its headset, Oculus finally started taking pre-orders for the Rift a few weeks ago and it’s going to release the headset on March 28th. The company has confirmed that Rift is going to launch with 30 VR-compatible games that will be available from day one.

The full list of games available for Oculus Rift on day one include EVE Valkyrie, Project Cars, Lucky’s Tale, VR Tennis Online, Adventure Time, Esper 2, Rooms, Omega Agent and many more.

Oculus says that these titles which take you to the “outer reaches of space, mysterious labyrinths of wonder, and fantastic worlds of adventure” are just the beginning and that it’s working with thousands of developers on entirely new virtual reality experiences. Oculus promises that there are more than one hundred games coming to its VR platform this year.


The company has also introduced the new Oculus Home on Rift today. Home has been designed from the ground up for VR. It’s the best place for users to explore their library, discover new content and connect with their friends in VR. Home can be customized using the Oculus desktop app.

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